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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

How hard do you think life can become? Life of course is not a path filled with happiness. It is not also completely filled with failures too. There are times when clouds cover the sun making the world look dark. But is Sun going to fade away because of a mere cloud? Not at all. The cloud however would disappear and the rays of the Sun are going to fill the world with its light. That is how nature happens. That is how life happens.

Troubles will come. They will go. Troubles come to go. Troubles are temporary. Just like the clouds that cover the Sun troubles may cover the light of our life and that is temporary. In the worst cases, these clouds may become dark and darker. It may end up bringing a storm. The troubles may give you pain, misery, and sufferings all at once. Yes, life will do that, even more than that. After all, dark clouds are still covering the Sun. but, once the wind comes the cloud will disappear.

One can see a beautiful silver lining in every cloud. They assure the presence of huge bright Sun behind it. Our life is filled with so much happiness, sweet memories, and moments to cherish that lie behind the troubling days. When one is ready to see those silver lines, he understands the temporariness of the dark cloud.

Yet, human unlike nature has a great deal on their hand. Nature however will bring light to the world no matter how dark the days become. But, humans on the other hand have a choice. Some decide to stay in the dark, no matter how much they are blessed with. Few handles darkness with hope, hope to uncover the happy days that stay behind the curtain. The such person achieves.

Many leaders faced the darkest phase of their life, yet succeeded. Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi spent many days in prison. But they never once thought about giving up. They made those days to help them strengthen themselves to achieve greater success. They decided to rely on hope and rise. Only such people can make a difference in the world.

It is all in the hands of individuals to look at the silver lining every dark cloud has and work with confidence and hope to uncover it. After all, when winter comes can spring be far behind?


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